About Upbeat Family

Untold Journey of The UpbeatFamily

We are a family of two. I am Sabid, I am the one who publishes new articles on this blog, contacts suppliers for products that we can then review on our blog and I am also responsible for the coding part of things (sorry if you ended up in a 404 page).

My Wife, Umme is responsible for managing our social media, Pinterest & writing some of the reviews (especially the home and beauty ones).

Upbeat Family is all about posting honest feedback and reviews about things that we come across in our every day family life.

We try to talk about our trips, products we use, our pets, backyard and pretty much everything that a family may or may not need.

We live in Ireland, however, we are almost always traveling around Europe.

Blogging has been a passion for me and though Umme was not into blogging initially, I feel like I managed to convert her.

What do you think?

We couldn’t be more excited for you to visit our blog. I am glad that you ended up here and I am confident that you will like some of the stuff we do.

For any questions, concerns, comments, use the contact page and we will try to get back as soon as possible.