Best Soccer Goal for Backyard 2020

Any kind of sport just lets you live a little more, doesn’t it? You may be spending boring days finding no meaning to life but one fine day you just play a sport and feel refreshed. It lets that wide beam of energy rush through your body towards achieving a goal. In fact, why not enjoy one of the best gifts that life has to offer every day right in the bad back of your house?

There are many mini sports you can play in your backyard but why not go for the big ones like soccer? You will be doing your neighborhood a big favor by having a soccer court in your backyard. And, the best thing is that you do not even need much for it- just a goal post and enough space. In fact, you can even meddle with space a bit.

However, if you are going to build up a soccer court, you should have the best soccer goal for backyard too. The best soccer goal will not only make you play better but it will help you want to practice more and improve! Let’s find out how you can find the best soccer goalposts and also which are some of the best.

Top Best Soccer Goals for Backyard: Reviews Inside

1. Franklin Folding Soccer Goal

Do you want a goal that is very easy to set up and you put away? Then, this Franklin pop up soccer goal may be what you are looking for. 

In fact, it is made of steel which automatically makes it quite strong and durable. Furthermore, steel is rust-resistant. Therefore, you can consider the goal quite durable too.

Assembling it will take a few minutes but dissembling it will take a bit more as you will have to detach the soccer net. When it comes to the net- the net supplied isn’t the best So, there is a high chance you will have to look for a Franklin soccer goal replacement net.

Other than that, you will find this goal in a number of good sizes for your backyard. It has a reasonable price as well.

  • A strong and sturdy frame.
  • Great quality materials used in the goal itself.
  • Very easy assembly.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Weather-resistant as well.
  • Quite portable.
  • Available in a number of sizes.
  • The supplied portable soccer goal net is not the best and it may also be too short.
  • The folded goal may still take up some space.

2. GoSports Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets

GoSports Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets, Set of 2, With Agility Training Cones and Portable...
20 Reviews
GoSports Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets, Set of 2, With Agility Training Cones and Portable...
  • INSTANT SETUP: Goals Setup and Takedown in Seconds - No Assembly Required
  • FULL SET: Includes 2 Goals, 6 Cones & Carrying Case!
  • PLAY ANYWHERE: Includes Plastic & Metal Stakes to Secure the Goals to Any Surface

Looking for one of the best pop up soccer goals? Then, GoSports pop up soccer goals will not disappoint you. Apparently, you can use this as a kid’s soccer goal for training. The best thing about this goal is portability. In fact, you can place it anywhere in your backyard. It is the best pop up soccer goal I have ever seen. It is so nice to see the kids practice in this soccer goal nets.

It’s very light and easy to assemble. However, it’s assembly has a lot of small parts involved and all of these separate parts for the assembly are not equally great or durable. Some of them may not even arrive with the package. While in most cases these goals last- if you use it wrong or leave it under the wrong condition, it will deteriorate. The price offers good value. That’s why it is one of the best portable soccer goals for kids.​

  • A very portable unit.
  • Quite affordable.
  • A great soccer goal for kids.
  • Quite easy to assemble
  • Only for kids and not very weatherproof.
  • Parts are not of the best quality

3. Net World Sports Forza Soccer Goal

Want a normal soccer goalpost that is although made for all-weather but is very easy to set up? Then, this Net World Sports Forza Soccer Goal may be what you need. In fact, you will find it in a few sizes and it’s made of PVC pipes.

Apparently, the materials make it quite strong and weatherproof. You can even leave it out in the rain and notice no difference. However, the goal may not feel as sturdy as it should. Furthermore, the soccer nets may not be of the best quality. The price range is quite reasonable but not the cheapest.

You will also get amazing customer service if you have any problems with this goal. Apparently, at times it came with missing pieces and that could make everything very difficult. Apart from that, the top bar seems to sag in the middle a bit. Overall it is still a good choice as a soccer goal for the backyard.

  • A soccer goal with good dimensions.
  • Quite strongly built with PVC.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Reasonable price.
  • It can handle the weather quite well
  • Not the most sturdy.
  • May sag a bit

4. AmazonBasics Soccer Goal

Want a goal that is slick and elegant for your backyard? Then, this classy piece by AmazonBasics may be what you are looking for. In fact, it is made from steel which makes it quite durable, sturdy and strong. Furthermore, steel is powder-coated to protect the whole goal against the weather.

You will find assembling this goal as easy as a breeze. In fact, you have to attach the soccer goals and nets using velcro straps. Now, when you shoot a ball into the soccer goal, if the ball takes the net with it away from the frame because of its power- it’s going to be troublesome right? Apparently, there is a chance of this happening when you use this goal. The velcro straps are not that strong.

Apart from that, the size of the goal is good. The price is a bit higher than normal but still offers good value.

  • Quite easy to set up.
  • Great for kids.
  • Strong, sturdy build.
  • Quite weatherproof as it has powder-coated steel.
  • It offers good value.
  • The attachment between the goal and the net is not the best.
  • The soccer nets could be of better quality

5. Pugg Soccer Goals 4ft.

PUGG 4 Foot Pop Up Soccer Goal - Portable Training Futsal Football Net - The Original Pickup Game...
1,069 Reviews
PUGG 4 Foot Pop Up Soccer Goal - Portable Training Futsal Football Net - The Original Pickup Game...
  • DEPENDABLE - The original pop-up goals
  • DURABLE - Rugged material idealized for a fast-paced environment
  • PORTABLE - Twist to close design allows for easy storage in included carrying bag

Want movable soccer goals? Then, these Pugg Soccer goals are what you may be looking for. In fact, these are one of the easiest options if you change the size of your soccer court depending on the size of the players. This is one of the best portable soccer goals for backyard.

These goals come pretty much fully ready. All you have to do is secure them on the ground. And, luckily, you can use them on any kind of ground- it is compatible with many. However, what you may not be fond of is the flimsy stakes used to secure it.

Apparently, these are fine for children who do not use much power in their shots. But, for stronger people with power, these goals may be too small and weak. So, if you choose it for the right people- it’s great.

It’s easy to carry around as well. However, it may feel a bit expensive based on its size and strength.

  • A very portable unit.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Suitable for any kind of backyard.
  • The quality is quite good.
  • The size is great for kids
  • Not the strongest or sturdiest for players with a lot of power.
  • Maybe a little bit expensive

6. Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

When do you see competition-grade what comes to your mind? Definitely a sturdy and the strong unit, right? That is what this Franklin Sports soccer goal is- sturdy and strong. It is built out of materials that make it very strong. However, it still may sag a bit in the middle at times.

Apart from that, you do not have to worry about sizes when it comes to this goal at all. Because it is available in quite a number of sizes and you will find one suitable for any age group you want. Putting it up is very easy and the soccer goal net is easy to install as well. It is great for backyard.

However, the straps that hold the net attached to the goal bar are not the most durable as hitting them hard with the ball can break them completely. Apart from that, the materials are not the best for rainy weather- it seems to rust with time.

Finally, it is a very budget-friendly option despite being of a competing level.

  • A budget-friendly option.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Strongly built.
  • Quite sturdy.
  • Easy to attach the net and the net is of good quality.
  • Suitable for any age as it comes in a number of sizes.
  • May sag in the middle.
  • The net attachments are weak.

Best Soccer Goal for Backyard: The Buying Guide

Here are some of the things you must consider when you are out to buy backyard soccer goals.

The size of the goal.

Since you are buying for your backyard, there is a high chance that you are quite short on space. It’s natural to be. Therefore, what you should do is buy a goal post that is suitable for your backyard. Smaller ones not necessarily mean bad. But make sure that the length and width proportions are correct.

Apart from that if you have space, it is best if you go for the standard sizes of goalposts. In fact, you will find that each age group and field size has its own suitable goal post size. If you buy such a goal post then you can easily practice or play professional matches as well. For that, you should know the full size soccer goal dimensions. Apparently, if you do play such serious matches a standard size is a much better option.

The Type of Goal Post.

You will actually find different kinds of goalposts based on various things. Firstly, let’s talk about the portability since it’s for your backyard and it matters more.

Permanent goals: As you can imagine, these are the ones you install digging up the ground. You cannot move it elsewhere when it rains or when you want to go on a trip. In fact, you have to pay more to have it, install it, and also enjoy no portability.

Portable Soccer Goals: These are the ones you can just put away when you are not playing. Furthermore, if you want to go on a trip with it, you can. These are lightweight and easy to move- do not even need to dig the ground.

Semi-Permanent Goals: These are the goals that you can keep for a season and remove when the seasons are not right. They are just made that way so that removing and re-installing is not much of a big deal.

Pop-up Goals:

If you really move around a lot to play soccer then this is the goal you need. As you can imagine these are easy to just collapse and pack away. You cannot leave it out in the open for months. Therefore, it may not be the best choice for a backyard.

Based on the level of training you are at- you can choose from the following goals as well:

Rebound Goals: These are goals that send the ball back to you. These are very easy to set anywhere so you can train anywhere.

Coerver Coaching Goals: These are broader, stronger goals meant for tough team practices.

Materials of the goal post.

You will definitely find both plastic and metal goalposts. And, you can totally imagine which one will be stronger and sturdier- the metal soccer goals of course. While they may be stronger- the durability is questionable as metals often react to weather conditions.

Apart from that, the age-old belief that plastics are flimsy is not true in this case. With time, many such great goalposts have been made that are plastic but still strong, and weather-resistant. If you plan to keep the goal outside then it is necessary that you make sure the goal post is weatherproof.

The Net that comes with the goal if it comes with it.

A soccer goal should usually arrive with a net. And, when it does you have to make sure that the net is durable and meant for whatever kind of soccer you are playing. In fact, it is best if the net is made from PVC or aluminum. But, a goal arriving with its net is good enough.

The Goal Depth.

You have probably seen goals that have a lousy net coming almost to the front of the goal and others with perfectly square-shaped ones. It actually depends on you which kind of goal you want.

The Goals without depth have the net hanging with no space for the goalkeeper inside the goal. It usually has the net set at a 45-degree angle to the ground.

And, the soccer goals with depth come with a stronger frame with more bars to support the net. There will be a place inside the goal for the goalkeeper. These are for more serious games.

Finally, there are soccer goals with a square shape inside for the net. These are for even advanced players and have room for the goalkeeper inside.

The ease of assembly and portability.

These are things you have to consider to measure your convenience. Do you want to dig up holes in the backyard? If not then you should go for the portable or pop up soccer goals. Apart from that, how easy are the soccer goals to transport when portable?

Do you want backyard soccer goals with wheels? Consider all these when so that it is easier than ever for you to deal with the backyard goals you are buying.

Best Soccer Goal for Backyard: The Benefits

Why should you buy your own private soccer court in the backyard? You will be surprised how it can make your life better!

Easy access any time: With other soccer courts you may not be able to practice or host a game any time you want. In fact, you may even have to pay for every time you play. With your own backyard soccer court, you can easily play whenever you are free- even if its’ midnight.

Perfect size for your needs: The full-size soccer goal that is usually available may not be right for you or a kid. Therefore, in order to help a kid learn better and more easily without losing interest- a goal his size is a better option.

Adds purpose: If you had a backyard that looked too empty then a soccer goal makes it look better. In fact, you will have more visitors who play soccer. However, it does not take up your barbecue space either because it only takes up a small fraction of the backyard.

Best Backyard Soccer Goal: Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Do soccer goals come with two goals for each side or just one?

Answer: Most standard sized soccer goals come with just one goal. Apparently, the portable smaller ones usually come as a pair. If it comes in a pair then you will get the information written somewhere. But, most soccer goals come solo.

In conclusion

It’s always great knowing how to play any sport. When it’s soccer you actually feel your life when playing. It does not matter whether you are playing soccer on the field, park or backyard. However, you need a goal that can handle your enthusiasm, or a kid’s. Finding such a goal is tough. You have to put in efforts to find the best soccer goal for the backyard. I hope you will find the best backyard soccer goals after reading our reviews. They aren’t the cheapest so you cannot just try them and leave them. Make sure they are convenient to use and serves your specific purposes.

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