The Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers 2020

Sleeping is a luxury these days, especially when we think of how little we get in our fast paced lifestyle. Hence when we do get a bit of a shut eye, we tend to be reluctant to wake up and carry on with our daily routines again.

To avoid sleeping more than we can actually afford we opt for the most basic solution for our slumber problems: setting an alarm on. Most of us set alarms at different intervals on our smart phones now, but some of us who are heavy sleepers still wish to stick with the classics and use an alarm clock instead.

Now if you are one of the latter, you might be looking for a good alarm clock to help you with your sleeping in late. But shopping for one can be over whelming. There are too many versions and models of everything on the market now, and that doesn’t exclude alarm clocks. So how do you know which is the best for you?

That’s when we step in.

We are going to present you with our ten best alarm clock for heavy sleepers and explain why they are worth investing into, and also provide you with a buying guide to help you understand what you should look for when you place an order for one.

Ready? Let’s take a look top 3 alarm clocks for heavy slippers

10 Best Alarm clock reviewed for Heavy Sleepers

This smart multi-purpose alarm clock/radio is one you need to have in your wish list. You can even wake up to listening to the news on this alarm clock radio! I keep it top first position In the lists of best alarm clock for heavy slippers like me because of its worthiness.

The clock has 5 unique rotating colors feature as well as a Bluetooth and even an aux-in port.

You can make place calls and stream audios with this exceptional alarm clock. The digital voice cancellation function ensures you can hear every word clearly if you are listening to music or speaking over call.

The iBT29BC also lets you put your other devices to charge with the alarm clock running simultaneously.

The inbuilt tunes allow you to choose your choice of alarm tune for the morning, or you can easily choose audios from your Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth (with aux.) devices and set them as your morning alarm tune.

The product has a weight of 1.37 lbs which is a moderate weight so you can still travel with it. It has dimensions of 6.3×5. 28 x 6.3 inches.

  • Easy to figure out
  • Good sound quality
  • The product is durable
  • Multi-functional device with good features
  • Budget friendly
  • For some buyers, the alarm did not run all the features as well as expected

Why You Should Get This

Overall, this is a well put device and it is a good investment of money. It has a lot of unique features which is quite rare to find in such a budget friendly product. This alarm clock can be a fun and thoughtful gift as well.

We found this product to be worthy of this list because of its various handy features that come at such a low price. This product is an easy to use, touch screen alarm clock/light.

Coming in at 3 wonderful colors followed by 7 equally vibrant LED lights, the alarm clock also has a wake up light. The Sunrise Simulation gradually brightens the screen until it reaches a 100%, followed by an alarm sound 30 minutes later to indicate that it’s morning.

It has a Sleeping Aid function which you can set the timer on before you fall asleep, so the clock emits warm light which gradually decreases as you fall asleep.

This multi-featured device also works on a built-inradio, so you can easily catch up to the latest news from the comfort and warmth of your bed.

There are different natural alarm sounds such as forest, birds, waves, beeping, etc, giving you a range of soothing yet powerful sounds to choose from.

The alarm clock weighs approx.1.05 pounds and has dimensions of 7.2×7.1×4.4 inches. It has 3 charging methods, with a wall jack, USB charger or AAA batteries.

  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional with unique features
  • Soothing sounds
  • Different charging methods
  • Budget friendly
  • Slightly heavy
  • Takes up space

Why You Should Get This

The Instecho Sunrise Alarm Clock is definitely a smart buy, seeing how reasonable the price is and the features this item has. It easily serves all purposes and is also very easy to figure out.

CubieTime by Brandstand combines a powerful alarm clock with a port to charge other devices at the same running time. It is small, compact and has a minimalistic look to it, with easy to understand features and instructions. The alarm features a standard beeping sound. .  

The clock has 2110 V tamper resistant power outlets which guards off any foreign object being inserted into the power outlets. This way, you will not have to worry about safety if you have any little children around.

This device has passed through a UL Spill TestOpens in a new tab. for safety measures and it also has Surge Protection which effortlessly absorbs any sort of shock to it. You do not need to unplug it every time there is a thunderstorm going on.

You will be glad to know that you will find two charging ports on this alarm clock, so you can simultaneously charge your other device with the clock still connected to the power outlet.

It weighs approximately 9.6 ounces so it is pretty light and portable. You can carry it anywhere with you when on a vacation, without having to worry about it being too heavy. The dimensions are 15x12x12 inches only; hence it does not take up much space either.

  • Compact and minimalistic product design
  • User friendly and easy to figure out by people of all ages
  • Durable
  • Multifunctional and has unique features to choose from
  • Affordable
  • One standard sound (beeping)only
  • The alarm volume has been reported to be rather low

Why You Should Get This

If you are on a tight budget then this is an ideal product for you. It serves all the basic necessities you would expect from an alarm clock without having to spend a fortune on it.

This adorable alarm clock couldn’t get any cuter, except that it does! Clocky rolling alarm clock is a must have if you are a heavy sleeper and tend to hit the snooze too many times.

This cool and funny alarm clock is the only one that will run, hide, jump up to 3 feet and roll to get you woke in the morning, driving away the sleep from your eyes with no difficulty at all.

This cute clock is also really loud, with his R2D2 like voice which is perfect for heavy sleepers who need loud noises to wake them up. You can set or disable the snooze on this little clock only once before it starts chasing you or rolls around the room again!

This product weighs approx.12.8 ounces so it is portable and does not take up much space either. The clock runs on four alkaline AAA batteries. It is also easy to use by almost anyone of any age.

  • Light weight
  • Unique features
  • Cute design
  • Budget friendly
  • It comes in 8 vibrant colors
  • Only has one alarm sound

Why You Should Get This

We wanted to include an alarm clock that can also be a thoughtful gift for kids or your loved ones, hence this was the ideal product! It’s cute, small and budget friendly as well as very effective in waking people up from their deep sleep.

Coming in two colors, this is a very easy to read and use multi-purpose alarm clock with a rather large display (4 inches), ideal for people with poor eyesight or vision related issues.

The brightness of the clock screen can be adjusted from a 100% down to 0% completely. If you like to sleep in complete darkness, then this is ideal for you.

It has two USB charging ports, so you can simultaneously charge your other device with the alarm clock or radio running when you are in bed.

The alarm has two wake up modes: the standard alarm sound and the last radio station you were playing. You can set it to either. If you choose the radio mode, you can enjoy waking up to what you were listening to the night before.

The snooze option works at an 8 minutes interval option, which repeats again in an hour unless it’s turned off completely. Fall asleep with the radio timer on, which stops functioning gradually then completely as you fall asleep listening to it.

The alarm can be powered with a wall jack or three AAA batteries. The approximate weight of the alarm clock is 13.4 ounces which is pretty light and easy to carry around. Thats why I pick it as one of the best alarm clocks for heavy slippers

 It has dimensions of 7.4x 3.9x 3.5 inches approximately. You do not have to worry about it taking up too much space either.

  • Large display
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Easy to set up
  • Multi-functional product
  • Compact and convenient
  • Easy on the wallet
  • Standard alarm sound
  • Quality of sound could be better

Why You Should Get This

In respect to its price and size, this alarm clock is a good and well functioning product. It is an ideal device for the elderly with vision problems or for people who want a simple and good quality alarm clock, with large display and easy to handle features.

This alarm clock by Sony is a minimalistic device with easy to read and unique features. This alarm clock comes in two smart colors- Black and white.

With an inbuilt radio system, this device has a large variety of music programs to choose from. Listen to your favorite stations or podcasts while falling asleep or waking up in the comfort of your bed.

You can adjust the screen brightness so you don’t have to wake up to a blaring bright light in the middle of the night if you happen to do so that is.

The snooze button is there for you to get extra minutes of shut eye. It will automatically start going off after ten more minutes. However the snooze timing is extendable.

The product has a weight of 1 pound which is portable so you can carry it anywhere with you. The device has dimensions of 4x4x4 inches, which doesn’t take up much surface area either.

The clock runs on a power outlet but an optional battery backup option ensures you can still run it in case there is a power shortage.

  • Compact
  • Easy to set up
  • Does not take up much space
  • Multifunctional, has a well functioning radio system
  • Light weight and easily portable
  • Backup battery feature
  • Large display with easy to read numbers and letters
  • Budget friendly
  • One standard alarm tune only
  • Is not compatible with all smart phones

Why You Should Get This

It is a simple yet effective multi-functioning alarm clock that successfully serves all its purposes without any hitch. It is very easy to maintain and read and doesn’t need much tweaking to it.

It is also very lightweight and has a backup battery which is a good addition to the usual power outlet feature. That’s why It is worthy to buy and I don’t regret to keep it in the list of best alarm clocks for heavy sleeper.

This travel friendly alarm clock is a simple and heavily powered digital device with large and easy to read display. It is a blessing for heavy sleeper traveler. You can get the product body in either black or white, with the display always red in color.


The brightness of this clock can go from 0% to a full 100%, so if you’re someone who likes to sleep in absolute darkness, you will be delighted with this feature.

The buttons are easy to operate, and the instructions are clean and minimalistic so there is no scope for confusion with the setup of the time, date and alarm settings of the clock.

For heavy or light sleepers, alarm volume can be adjusted. The clock has a snooze which goes off 9 minutes after you tap it the first time. The speaker of the alarm clock is very powerful.

This alarm clock can be powered through a power outlet, but it has 2 AAA backup battery options. On top of that, the time, date, and other settings do not require re-set up.

For kids who are scared of sleeping in the dark, you will be glad to know that this alarm clock can be used as a night light with the tap of a single button on the top.

The product has approximate dimensions of 165mm x 70mm x 50mm, which makes it pretty lightweight and it does not take up much counter space either.

  • Easy to operate
  • Large display
  • Compact design and easy to carry
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Budget friendly
  • Only has 12-hour format
  • Standard beeping sound only

Why You Should Get This

This alarm clock is an ideal choice for travelers, as it is small, compact and light weight. The device is easy to read, has a rather loud alarm sound and everything is covered at a low price.

This device has a special feature that allows projecting the display of the time on the ceiling or wall of bedroom!

Coming in either black or white color, with two separate wake up features, this clock is ideal for you and your partner if you two wake up on different times of the morning.


The clock has 3.6 inches of blue display, with the time and other features on the screen in white. You have three dimming options; high, low and off depending on your preference.

The alarm clock displays the time, date, and even the indoor temperature which automatically adjusts itself to your daylights savings time. The product also has a long lasting battery life.

You can listen to your favorite music or podcast, with the aux input while an inbuilt radio with 20 stations enables you to listen to the news or replay any station without leaving your bed.

The projection of the clock has a 180 degrees swivel, on the wall and on the ceiling. Once you tap the snooze button, it will disappear. However it will reappear after the alarm has to go off for the second time again.

The product weighs 1.23 pounds and has dimensions of 5.5 x 3.5 x 4.67 inches. It is light weight and compact in size.

  • Unique features like radio and time projection
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Dual wake up time
  • Budget friendly
  • Has one standard alarm tune only
  • For some, the sound quality wasn’t that great

Why You Should Get This

This product has impressive features and clearly serves the purpose a decent and good quality alarm clock is supposed to perform.

The product by  MagnasonicOpens in a new tab. compliments the price too for it has a rather large display and is also easy to read and maintain features. The projection feature is a nice touch to this product.

Next we have the Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, with unique features such as Sunrise and Sunset Simulation.

This product has a sleek and distinctive spherical shape to it, one that sort of resembles the sun. Coming in a smart white color, the Wake up Alarm Clock has two shades of LED light.


Fall asleep with the dim Sunset Simulation on, until it reaches pitch dark, indicating you to sleep. The Sunrise Simulation increases the brightness as morning approaches.

You can tap anywhere on the alarm screen to turn the snooze off, hence giving yourself 9 minutes more for a quick shut eye before you fully wake up for the day.

Choose from 5 unique natural wake up sounds as your alarm tune, as well as a built-in radio which you can also set as your wake up tune so you can listen to the news from your bed.

For charging, this device can be powered through a wall jack but it has a power backup feature too, so you can rest assured your alarm clock will still function in case of a power failure.

The product has a weight of 2.45 pounds and dimensions of 7.8 x 5.8 x 7.6 inches. It’s slightly heavy and requires a bit of space when set up, however it’s also very sturdy.

  • Sunrise and Sunset Simulation feature
  • Natural alarm sounds
  • Large display
  • Personalized light settings
  • Touch screen snooze
  • Slightly heavy and takes up a bit of space
  • Is a bit costly

Why You Should Get This

If you don’t mind spending a little extra cash on an alarm clock, then this is the right product for you. It has really unique features and it has a distinctive look as well.

The Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock is scientifically proven to help people sleep and wake up better. We will leave you to find that out!

As the final product on our list today we have this amazing Smart Alarm Clock by Amazon Echo Spot. It has a range of exceptional features; the most notable would be Alexa!

Choose from two colors for the Echo Spot Alarm Clock, with the time, date and temperatre display in white. Personalize your alarm clock interface from 16 customizable fun skins

The Amazon Echo Spot Alarm Clock with Alexa is powered by a power outlet. The Echo Spot has a small, compact and spherical design to it.

It has a weight of 420g only, which makes it lightweight and portable. This Smart Alarm Clock has a display of 2.5 inches. You can adjust the brightness of the screen as well.

Coming to the Wi-Fi based Alexa, ask her to play you music from any platform such as Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, etc. or command her to tell you the news.

The device has built in speakers and Bluetooth connection through which you can sync content from your phone and play it. You can even make video calls and track your fitness through Alexa.

If you feel iffy about knowing Alexa has the camera and microphone feature turned on, you can always manually disable those.

Wake up to your favorite tune or song by telling Alexa to play that particular piece in the morning on the night before.  In the morning tell the alarm to turn off by voicing out snooze. However, you can still physically snooze it by swiping the screen.

  • Impressive microphone and speaker
  • Compact and small
  • Multi-functional
  • Large display
  • Voice control
  • Various customizable features
  • A bit on the pricier side
  • Some people feel bothered by the camera; however you can turn it off

Why You Should Get This

The Amazon Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa is more than just your usual alarm clock with exceptional features working on voice command. It is a ideal choice for heavy sleepers.

The range of features and functions that come with this price was enough to impress us. Though We have chosen it in the list of best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers we can assure you, you’ll not be disappointed if you choose this product whether you are heavy sleepers or not.


You might want to know a few important things before you make your next buy for an alarm clock, and we’re going to cover that briefly here:

Personal Requirements

Know your personal preferences before you place your next order or head out to buy your choice of alarm clock. Note down why you need the alarm clock such as; do you want it to have other features? Does it matter if it only has one wake up sound?

With so many uniquely design alarm clocks everywhere on the market now you may end up picking one without really paying any attention to its specifications. However, you don’t want that happening to you.

If you want a multi-featured alarm clock instead of the standard alarm clock, check if it is easy to set up and maintain so you do not have to waste all your time solely behind its construction in the first place.


This is a necessity if you are a heavy sleeper and you have a hard time waking up the first time your alarm goes off.

An adjustable snooze will you allow you to get those extra few minutes of sleep without necessarily making you late in the process. Some alarm clocks have multiple extensions for snooze, so do check that out beforehand.

Backup battery

You need to check if your choice of clock has this feature or not, especially if you live in a place prone to power outages. A high quality and well made alarm clock will have this additional battery backup feature which automatically syncs the dates and times of your alarm clock.


You will obviously need to look for an alarm clock with a readable and large display. However, it would not hurt either if the display looked a bit unique too right?

Fortunately for those of you who do not wish to stick with the whole standard rectangular alarm clock display anymore, you will be glad to know that you can find a whole range of different displayed alarm clocks on the market now.

You can look for displays that come in LED or LCD lights, which have adjustment settings so you do not have to worry about the brightness.

USB ports

 If you have many devices and require them all at one place for different reasons, you should look for an alarm clock that comes with a USB port feature so you can charge your devices simultaneously with the clock running.

 This does not necessarily mean that the battery life of the alarm clock will get drained out though. It will simply just charge and operate two or more devices at once through the same power outlet.


Customization of the clock

A good quality alarm clock always comes with customizable features which let the user play around with it as they want to, based on their individual requirements.

If you are going for basic alarm features, a clock with dual wake up time is an appropriate purchase. However, know that now you can find alarm clocks which have more than 4 wake-up time feature as well. This allows the user to set their preferred time based on their weekly schedule.

Volume adjustment

We know that generally alarm clocks have rather loud sounds. But with different varieties of alarm clocks being manufactured now, you can find several well made devices with an adjustable volume.

Not all people require the same sound volume to wake up. Some may actually prefer quieter sounds for waking up. A good alarm clock will allow you to tweak with those adjustments.

Additional Features

We usually do not care much about this aspect of an alarm clock but with technological advancement in current times, we can receive more than we have bargained for.

In that case, you can expect extra features such as an in-built radio system with at least 20 different stations in the alarm clock, as well as other features such as a backup battery, an aux input, Bluetooth connection, a range of different sounds, multiple wake up times etc. just to name a few.

Some unique alarm clocks even have special features such as night and day simulations which work tremendously in serving the purpose and actually waking even a heavy sleeper  up.


We have thoroughly reviewed only the best alarm clocks we think is suitable for you here, keeping in mind the price, features and reasons why we think you should buy it.

Not many people pay attention to the kind of alarm clock they buy but choosing the right device can make a lot of difference in one’s life.

We never doubt that a quality alarm clock can actually aid you sleep better and also stick to your daily schedules. Invest in one and you can find out for yourself.

We hope you had fun reading this article and found it helpful in assisting you with your next purchase!

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